Market Intelligence

Supply Chain

The Client/Problem

The client is a US based not-for-profit trade organisation servicing the entire supply chain for fresh produce and floral industries. The organisation wants to position itself as a first-in-line resource to assist members and prospective members with market intelligence.

The Actions

Oldstone & Green, carried out in-depth primary and secondary research, providing

  • An overview of key country metrics relating to the economy, government, business environment and regional trade in the context of the global produce industry.
  • Consumer trends affecting the produce industry, including retail, consumer food service, and overall food consumption.
  • An overview of the fresh produce industry comprising general market conditions, an examination of the supply chain including insight into issues around domestic production, cold chain management, distribution and employment, regulatory issues, science and technology issues, import and export data
  • Projected the future of the produce industry over the next 3 to 5 years in terms of market, trade, regulations, consumer trends and supply chain issues by examining drivers and challenges present in Nigeria.


The client was very pleased with the project as they got a clear picture of the supply chain of fresh produce in Nigeria and enabled informed management decision on an entry strategy.

Potential Client Mapping

The Client/Problem

The client is one of India’s leading glass packaging companies, looking to boost export revenues and want to tap into the African market for glass packaging, with focus on Nigeria. The client needed us to map a list of potential clients and their glass packaging needs in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Action

Oldstone & Green, carried out in-depth primary and secondary research and able to

  • Create a list of manufacturers and their relevant contact details (potential customers) and their packaging needs across the industries identified by our client.
  • Assess which manufacturers have an interest in changing their current glass packaging supplier
  • Understand each manufacturer’s key purchasing criteria (i.e. what drives their choice of supplier, is it price, product quality, bottles sizes available etc.?)
  • Establish an indication of typical prices in the current market (price per 1000 bottles / price per tonne)
  • Determine whether there are any local agents / distributors of glass packaging who may be well placed to represent our client
  • Provide our client with actionable industry driven information on the market in order to assist their customer acquisition activities.

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