Market Entry & Intelligence

Entering new and unfamiliar Africa markets can pose significant challenges to decision makers. Choosing the correct market, applying a suitable business strategy, and understanding local competitive forces can all have a material impact on the success of a new venture.

Oldstone & Green advises its clients on the best strategy to adopt when entering a new market in which they seek to establish and develop their business operations.

We conduct market surveys to determine appropriate geographies for sales, map the behaviour and profile of competitors and their management to understand competitive forces, analyse comparable products and services to determine price points, production methods and distribution options, develop both a macro and micro economic assessment of the market, and advise on various entry methods and strategies to ensure the best chance of business success while mitigating possible risks.

Why Us

We have been involved in a variety of targeted market entry and competitive intelligence assignments, predominantly in Nigeria. We assess competitors' activities, the opportunities in the targeted marketplace and the relevant legal, economic and political framework for our clients to make informed decisions.

O & G leverages its extensive market knowledge and network of in-country associates, who have significant experience supporting investors operating in new markets. We tell our clients the truth and not what is "good to hear", and produce our reports and finding in plain and simple language, so the client is not confused

We also advice on non-market forces such as political factors and business relationships, which can be a major challenge in sub-Saharan Africa Markets.

Case Studies