Investigative Due Diligence

Oldstone & Green carries out discreet investigative due diligence on behalf of clients to reduce their exposure to reputational and commercial risk deriving from working with third- parties in sub-Saharan Africa, and this assist our clients in strategic decision making.

Our due diligence is based on privileged, local insights as well as source enquiries, unobtainable through basic database and records searches.

Our cost are relatively cheaper and a large proportion of investigations undertaken by O & G concerns individuals – potential representatives, agents and business partners – as well as organisations and companies.

We carry out investigative due diligence in three approach, based on the clients’ specific need.

Comprehensive due diligence report

  • Identification Information/Documents — verification of passports/birth certificates/identification numbers/other identifiers
  • Address History
    • Verification of current address – to include a site visit and photographs
    • Verification of previous addresses (no site visit required, but verification through other documentation or land registries, as available)
    • Identification of additional, undisclosed address history/property ownership (through property/land registries, as available)
  • Marriage Certificate – verification of marriage certificate/status
  • Military Service – verification of military records/service
  • Education Verifications
  • Employment Verifications – verify current and previous employments/directorships (if the subject is not listed in the corporate registration record of the company, please contact a representative of the company directly to confirm)
  • Corporate Affiliations (searches conducted through corporate registries, chambers of commerce, media, etc…)
  • Civil Litigation searches
  • Criminal History searches
  • Criminal Clearance Certificates – verification of authenticity of the certificate
  • Bankruptcy/Insolvency/Judgments searches
  • Credit History/Financial Standing of the subject
  • Financial/professional regulators
  • Ties to political groups/political affiliations – conduct checks/inquiries with local sources regarding political affiliations of the subject
  • Media (local language) – both adverse media, as well as a sampling of articles of interest; social media profiles

In addition to the above points, if a subject is an owner/partner/director of a company, we can provide a copy of the company’s incorporation record, on request. For a given subject, incorporation records may be needed for more than one company.

Due diligence report..

Standard Due Diligence Reports (Individual)

  • Address history – identification; no site visit necessary
  • Employment verifications
  • Education verification
  • Professional Licenses/Memberships/Registrations/ disciplinary history
  • Corporate/Professional Affiliations
  • Civil Litigation searches
  • Criminal History searches
  • Bankruptcy/Insolvency/Judgments searches
  • Credit History / Financial Standing of Subject
  • Financial or other relevant Industry Regulator Searches
  • Ties to local political groups/political affiliations/political exposure
  • Blacklist or Other Country Watch Lists
  • Media & Social Media Profile (English and local language)

Standard Due Diligence Reports (Entity)

  • Incorporation/Registration information
  • Company Profile/Bio (background of the company)
  • Registered Owners/Directors/Shareholders
  • Financial Statements or other financial info (as publicly available)
  • Affiliated entities
  • Civil Litigation Searches
  • Criminal History Searches
  • Bankruptcy/Insolvency/Judgments
  • Financial or other relevant Industry Regulator searches
  • Ties to political groups/political affiliations — if the company/directors have political affiliations, please attempt to ascertain (from local or other sources) if these political ties have an impact on the course of business
  • Blacklist or Other Country Watchlist Searches
  • Media (English and local language)

Site visits

Site Visit Requests

  • Confirmation that the subject resides at the provided address
  • Description of the surrounding area
  • Description of the premises to include:
    • Security measures (if any)
    • number of floors
    • Location of subject's office
    • Any signage for company (inside and/or out)
    • Description of activity inside the building and/or office
  • Photographs:
    • Outside of the building
    • Inside the building (if possible)
    • Inside the office (if possible)

Site visits are discreet visit and we try to obtain pictures inside the building. However, where this is not possible, we provide a reason as to why (no access to building, security, etc).